About SBT Platform

SBT Platform is the perfect solution for traders, refineries and service providers.

The Platform is designated for professionals that demand highly established market data and performance.

The Platform provides creation, processing and storage of applications and other documents presented by organizers and participants as well as protocols showing results of Tender in accordance with the established proсidure.

How does the Trading Platform work?

Any Russian or foreign legal entity registered in the platform could get a role of borth participant and/or organizer.

To conduct and participate in the Tender, registration is obligatory. The registration enables to obtain a status of organizer or participant of the Tender. The Trading Platform enables to get real-time quotes and executions faster.

Our Platform provides total protection of applications and other data provided by participants. All data are fully confidential, the Platform prevents copyrighting and intentional data alteration or deletion and  violation of their processing including technological interaction with other information systems.

Our advantages

Our clients have a lot of advantages. If you are a buyer, you can create your own buying lead  "Counter Offer" in your Personal Cabinet with indication of required quantity, target price, quality and delivery period. Your offer to be reviewed and if there are interested parties among Organizers - to be satisfied. If not, you can create your inquiry numerous times and make changes in accordance with current tender or market offers. The platform enables you to wide your base of suppliers, monitor current prices on -line, to be in the know of actual agricultural news, look through analytics and choose the best offer. Our platform has simplified online trading to a great extent. We connect suppliers and buyers from all over the world and help them to create new business partnerships. You will get complete access to our verified buyer and seller contacts along with several other features that simplify online trading.

For Suppliers, registration on our platform, gives a chance to get a much deeper look into their target customers and their needs. It will help you to focus on the opportunities with the highest probability of success. With the help of our platform you will diversify your sales operations. On our trading platform there are a lot of companies from different industries (which otherwise requires a lot of time and effort to achieve).

Another huge advantage of using SBT platform for both suppliers and buyers lies in our customer service and trade policies. At your request we are ready to organize any additional service. Above all, the entire exercise hardly involves any risk. Our team always carry out their own due diligence verifying buyers and sellers, so you can rely on us and entrust your transactions with us.